“I have engaged Charmaine Corcoran on a number of occasions, to provide assistance with signage and VM for my stands at Trade Fairs and was always happy with her work. When I ventured into my own retail business, I knew I needed to look no further for some professional support & guidance.

Charmaine took the time to understand my vision, listen to my plans for the execution and then carefully guided me through the graphic design stage to ensure that my brand elements would align me with my target trader and customer audiences; helped to me plan the spaces so that I could maximise my rental potential whilst allowing sufficient negative space for walkways but still capitalising on foot traffic by allocating key product categories in prime retail spaces. Charmaine has also made available some basic information on Visual Merchandising and Display that I can share with my traders.

Her knowledge, attention to detail and positive attitude have made each of our interactions memorable and rewarding.”

Karen Gifford – Director