“I met Charmaine through my Landlord on a shopping centre consulting appointment. I didn’t really know what to expect from the appointment but I was pleasantly surprised to find that she understood my business and the need to build brand awareness for my shop within the centre. My landlord agreed to provide some in centre space which Charmaine helped me to activate – from curating collections of stock, to designing and producing printed items, VM help to construct it and fragrance to boot. The activation was successful in building brand awareness for my business in the short term.

She then worked with me to develop a detailed promotional plan that featured new deliveries in windows and key instore locations, and supplied one of her visual merchandisers to execute it in my two Sydney stores. We also produced posters to support these promotions which I could use in all of my stores. Part of my association with Charmaine included her recommendation to relay my stores to favour key categories of product in spaces that would cater to shopper behaviour instore. Despite my reticence to take on such a significant instore move, this exercise was a great success with sales in those product categories increasing as a result. I continue to use what I’ve learnt from Charmaine in the new stores I have opened since meeting her and feel comfortable making contact at any time with any questions I might have.”

Sally Clarke – Owner and Creative Director