Working with NZ Brand agency, Colenzo.99, Charmaine was engaged to assist with the shopper experience of their major client, Carter’s Hardware. To deliver, she had to experience the shopper journey first hand, then make recommendations with regard to store layout, navigational, service and product messaging and present it to their client. Carter’s attracts trade and domestic shoppers alike, so it needed to provide ease of shop and information to those domestic shoppers who might not have all of the information on their project.

Visiting a number of stores throughout Auckland, Charmaine soon saw the opportunities in making the hardware experience a much friendlier and informative one that it was in Carter’s at the time.

Her recommendations included category signage and large format perimeter navigation, promotional pods with simple messages to communicate regular product ‘specials’, service messages and a product ticketing standards that delivered consistency in information and hierarchy, to make it easier for the domestic shopper to understand. She presented alongside the team from Colenzo and the client was ecstatic.