Visual Experience was engaged by shopping centre management to activate six (6) vacant tenancies and one open mall space for shoppers to use.
We developed the concept, briefed, engaged and managed trades and purchased props, working within a fairly tight budget. The project took four weeks in development but only three days to execute. To execute, we pushed back the hoardings to create an open space approximately 4m deep x 10m wide. Each space was visually anchored by a large format graphic, which covered the entire rear wall.

We delivered:

  • A Kids Play Area with various play spaces according to age and motor skills, an aquarium video wall and a chalkboard corner inviting kids to “Create their own masterpiece”
  • A Harry Potter style library, with furniture and props from a bygone era, bookcases with real books to read
  • A Living Room – a more contemporary space with contemporary furniture, décor and fittings, including two mock windows created by pelmets, venetians and drapes to give the illusion of a real window
  • An Asian Laneway – with mock shopfronts created by painted doors, awnings and suspended Chinese lanterns & festoon lighting
  • An Aussie Backyard with wine barrels, wall mounted vine covered pallets, bar stools and “Ettamogah Pub” style signpost with chalkboard directions to other spaces
  • A Craft Room devoted to key tenant Spotlight – for hosting their craft & sewing classes
  • A Summer Garden – with turf flooring, outdoor furniture & table umbrellas, masses of lush faux tropical plants and various spaces set up in conversational style – so that 5 – 6 groups of shoppers could use the space simultaneously

Shopper feedback was extremely positive and many were using the spaces to not only relax and catch up on their emails or quiet reading, but also to record their experiences on Instagram . Vicinity Management was also happy with the outcome and look forward to the experiences that these spaces would deliver for their shoppers over the upcoming school holiday & Christmas period.

“Thanks so much Charmaine, everything worked like clockwork and I don’t think you needed Plan B. Have a very Happy Christmas and I hope to work with you again soon.”


“Due to a number of vacancies, we engaged Visual Experience to help us transform these spaces into unique and interactive sites for our shoppers. What we ended up with well and truly exceeded our expectations.
Charmaine of Visual Experience has been absolutely brilliant to work with, making every step of the project easy and stress free. Charmaine and her team were professional, positive and worked absolute wonders in a tight timeframe.
Once again, thank you for your hard work, creativity and delivering above and beyond what was promised. We are truly impressed and look forward to working with you again.”

Sheena Jensen – 
Retail Marketing Manager, Lidcombe 
Vicinity Centres