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Retail Experience was engaged to bring personality to the new Headquarters at Customs House, Sydney International Airport.

The office space was newly completed but lacking in warmth and navigational signage for both Sydney Airport clients and guards attending training. Charmaine took the brief and delivered an engaging space that echoed the SNP brand colours, and used actual photography of SNP Aviation team members at work to create large scale customised wall graphics in each of the training rooms. She also used colour matched airplanes to theme the common walls, meeting rooms and breakout areas.

Working to a tight budget, a sideboard was professionally painted gloss white to be upcycled as a perfectly proportioned credenza in the all white boardroom. Clocks set to the times of key international airports adorn the walls, alongside framed vision statements and colour matched airplanes provide dimension to otherwise plain surfaces.

“We were delighted with the result, and work was programmed to be completed seamlessly out of hours with no disruption to normal operations. Charmaine even provided a number of tips on how to reconfigure my office for better use of the space, which I employed with equally spectacular results!”

Andrew Bartholomew, General Manager.