Kitten D’Amour is an innovative women’s fashion retailer with niche market appeal. Their designs are unique and the brand is marketed extremely well. The stores are a place of wonder, with a distinctly glamorous vintage feel, lush furnishings and customised French music. What was missing was consistency in visual merchandising, window display execution and hanger use. Owners Simon and Alana met Charmaine on a shopping centre consulting visit, and this was highlighted right at the beginning of the relationship, but finally, after three years, a comprehensive set of Brand & Retail Standards could be developed and delivered. The Brand Standards cover all aspects of retail operations, including selling & styling guidance and VM, and have become a valuable training & reference tool. The standards were introduced to all staff members with an instore launch hosted by Charmaine.

“When we first met Charmaine, Kitten D’Amour was at somewhat of a crossroads. We had three successful shops located in Westfield Chermside, Westfield Carindale and also one in the CBD of Brisbane. Unfortunately the structure of the company was not ideal and we were finding that we were constantly ‘catching our tails’ to keep up with the large work load that was being created just to keep the business running smoothly.

Fortunately we were introduced at just the right time and the guidance we’ve received has been invaluable. This guidance has allowed us to successfully transform Kitten D’Amour from a small business with a lack of clear direction to a medium sized business with an exciting strategy that has given us the opportunity to grow the Kitten D’Amour brand both nationally and internationally.

Charmaine has a wealth of knowledge and experience. We now understand the importance of always having a clear strategy and her support has been invaluable in helping us create a ‘road map’ that covers each and every aspect of our business. Charmaine provides clear and easy to understand instructions, which if followed correctly, will allow anyone to grow and build a successful brand and business. We cannot speak too highly of everything that has been done for us.

Since we started following Charmaine’s guidance, the company is now growing from strength to strength.”

Simon Griffin – owner