“I first met Charmaine in Warringah Mall when I was about to open my second salon, Aki’s Spa.

Charmaine explained to me the importance of branding and aiming my two salons at different sectors of the Northern Beaches market, with my original salon offering an express value service and the new salon offering a more relaxed, zen experience with the full complement of spa services.

Since then I have opened Aki’s Spa in Chatswood, where Charmaine helped me to establish my point of difference with wonderful posters about each of my signature services as well as a full promotional plan which I could use to drive my instore and in centre promotions as well as connect it to my social media activity. Part of this package was a new menu board, flyers and a unique Christmas campaign. I was very happy to have met Charmaine at that crucial stage of my business growth, and have learned much from her. I continue to instill in my staff the customer experience tips she has shared with me.”

Aki Zhu – owner Aki’s Spa